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Headquarters at Manila, reports a Japanese landing with eighty transports under strong na- val escort in Lingayen Gulf (Luzon). To 2 Dec: 198 officers, 4,522 non-com- missioned officers and men. Certain limitations in the training possibilities re- sulting from the eastern campaign. Channel Coast : The Commander, Torpedo Boats reports that detour of con- voys north of Cromer is most probably the result of our mlnelaylng operations. On 3 January, light cruiser kashii, frigate shimushi

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destroyers ayanami, isonami, and fubuki with eleven transports were detached to Bangkok. Transport of Supplies to North Africa ; See Situation Italy for the transport operation of the 52nd Squadron. _ American aircraft carrier yorktown and destroyers hughes, russell, sims, walke, departed Norfolk, Virginia, and sailed for operations in the Pacific. The Italian Navy is particularly opposed to measures by the French involving the use of surface vessels, submarines, and aircraft carriers, since this might lead to confusion with Axis vessels.

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To 15 Dec; reports on the discontinuation of Spanish mail steam- er service to the.S.A.; the ships lying in Malta from 17 Oct. A press report from Buenos Aires states that the.S. Although it will be impossible to hold Penang, the Japanese will not be able to exploit their advantages immediately, and everything has been done to improve Britain's position. These ex- ecuted the Jumlnda minelaying operations with considerable effort in a resolute and business-like manner. Ac- cording to a Department of Agriculture report, agricultural pro- ducts worth 200,000,000, seven eights of them foodstuffs, have been made available to the representative of the British govern- ment from April to September 1941.

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